Military friends….

One of my soldiers contacted me today. It has been many years since I have heard from him, yet we connected right away. The brotherhood that war creates is unimaginable to most folks. Your friends that are forged in the fires of combat, are more than friends. They become family. When no one else has your back, your brothers and sisters from the military do. “Ride or die.” This small slogan is the rallying cry that lets you know that regardless of what happens, or what you may go through, your family is there until the brutal end. They know how dirty you are, but they don’t care. Because when push came to shove, you have proven your mettle. In the trials of combat, you not only endured, you thrived.

If I miss anything from my Army days, it is the friends that I made along the way. We may not hear from each other as much as we would like, but we are still faithful to each other. There may be minute things that we disagree on (such as the best tactical formation to use) but we always stand together. When I think back on my time in the Army, I smile at the remembrance of my friends. Good times or bad, we had fun. It may have escaped our attention at the time, but hindsight is always 20/20.

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