The old landmarks

This morning in prayer, I struggled. It seemed that I was throwing spitballs at the ceiling. My prayers felt like they were falling on deaf ears. “God, I need your presence! I don’t want to start my day without you!” It felt like these words went into the void. At my church, our pastor always tells us to PUSH (pray until something happens). Valiantly, I struggled and the more I struggled the worse it seemed to get. Finally, I stopped praying and picked up a Bible that was lying on the pew. I Kings 19 details how after one of the greatest church services recorded in Elijah’s life, he was on the run from Queen Jezebel. He runs to the mountain of God, and the Lord asks him, “What are you doing here?”

Taking a cue from the Scripture, I told the Lord that I was there to praise Him for His goodness in my life. That helped some, as I felt like the ceiling had cracked a bit. However, it was fleeting. Then this tidbit was dropped in my spirit: Jacob rebuilt the altars and dug out the wells of his father. He was an earth mover.

That was when I experienced my breakthrough in prayer this morning. Later after prayer, a friend of mine and I went to eat breakfast. Our conversation ranged from church to politics and I felt this tug in my heart. If America is to ever experience another Great Awakening spiritually, it will be due to us returning to the old landmarks. We need to rediscover old fashioned prayer and fasting. Yes, the Lord will pour out His spirit in the last days, but we must be in position. Mumbling the same prayer over and over will only take us so far, sometimes we must pray ugly. A world changing revival does not come from hum-drum prayers. We must cultivate the atmosphere through prayer and fasting. Otherwise, it is wasted effort.

In prayer we draw close to God. Through prayer we communicate our thanks for God’s blessings and help in our lives. When we pray, we can touch the hem of His garment and be made whole. You can’t abide in the shadow of the Almighty if you aren’t close to Him. A strong prayer life will lead us into a deeper walk with God.

A few days ago, on Facebook, I saw a meme that stated the following: A dad and son stood out in the yard and the son asks the dad, “Father how big is God?” The dad looks up in the sky and points to a plane. “Son, how big is that plane?” Looking up, the son squints and looks at his dad. “Dad, the plane is tiny.” Father and son get in the vehicle and drive to the airport. The dad parks next to the fence and the son can see the plane up close. “Now how big is it son?” The son looks on in amazement as the planes taxi down the runway. “Dad, they are huge!” Dad looks down at his son and smiles. “The further you are from God, the smaller He will be in your life. The closer you are to God, the greater He will be.”

God desires to give us the revival that is promised in the book of Joel. He seeks to pour out His spirit on His bride, but we must do our part as Christians. Communicating with our Savior daily, keeps us on the potter’s wheel, thus He can make us into something beautiful that shows forth His glory. If we are pliable in His fingers, He can use us to effect His kingdom.

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