There comes a time when enough is enough. Every person goes through it. Usually it is an incident that causes to realize that we have reached the breaking point. Today, I must admit that I have finally had enough when it comes to hot button issues. Alabama’s governor signed a bill today, perhaps the strictest in any state where it concerns abortion. There has been tremendous outcry about this bill. Celebrities are beating their chest and decrying the invasion of women’s rights. It’s downright laughable.

Let me explain why I find the entire chest beating, the fake emotion and the silliness of this outcry to be humorous. These women rights activist have no problem with the murder of an infant but want gun control to “save the children.” They have no problem telling men to shove off “for attempting to tell them what they can do with their bodies” but call for a sex-strike. Ergo, telling women what to do with their body. They screech at everyone about being non-compassionate, but they exhibit no compassion for anyone that disagrees with their beliefs. Thus, they are the biggest hypocrites of us all.

That is going to do it for me today. I will re-visit this when I have more time to expound upon it.

Freeman out.

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