Today has been a struggle. My thoughts have been dark, scattered and chaotic. Introspection was a useless endeavor. I know what caused my lack of focus. It was a massive hemorrhage of unprocessed emotions. Understanding the problem doesn’t guarantee a solution. That was the case today. Analyzing every aspect of the problem doesn’t always help either.

What finally helped me regain focus was a conversation that I had earlier in the day. I had breakfast with a minister from my church. As we ate, I confided in him that I had been struggling with a few things. He nodded his head and proceeded to tell me about another instance where someone else was also struggling. The key he said, was to not look at the problem. Instead, we should look as to why we are facing the issue. Have you been praying? Perhaps, it is just life. Or maybe there is a spiritual reason as to why you are going through a storm.

The other side of that coin though is that we are sometimes our own worst enemy. We open our mouths and opine about things we know nothing about. Or we react to a situation that was misunderstood. There are many reasons as to why things may become off track. Many times we cause ourselves to stumble and fall.

After finishing breakfast, I considered my plight. Yes, it was entirely possible that it was me that caused me to fall into a pit of despair. Entirely possible for that matter. It was also possible that it was a spiritual problem. The clouds finally cleared and I was able to move past the foreboding thoughts that had plagued me most of the day.

I am thankful that I have my faith and a few friends that brighten my day. It certainly helps me overcome the obstacles in my path. In the book of Psalms there is a Scripture that reads: “I will look unto the hills from whence cometh my help, my help comes from the Lord.” If life threatens to overwhelm you, look up.

Freeman out.

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