A sex-strike?!

So, I couldn’t help myself. I went to grab a bite to eat for lunch and my phone dinged. Grabbing my phone, I saw that a celebrity was calling for a sex-strike to protest the heartbeat law passed in Georgia. Um, is it me or wouldn’t said sex-strike cut down on “unexpected” pregnancies? Therefore, you are making a choice to protect a newborn’s life. That is great news! Hollywood finally gets on board with not murdering innocent children!

Sadly, this is not the case. It is just another ploy used to punish those who disagree with their viewpoints. Speaking of which, have you ever noticed how they behave? Failure to comply with their madness results in punishment of some kind. You are called names (deplorables, xenophobes, bigots, etc.) or even assaulted. Then there is the brain-dead representative from Philadelphia who will show up where you are, harass you and then live stream it on the internet for clicks. They call it enlightenment; I call it insanity.

Of course, way down here in the Deep South, the opinions of hypocritical Hollyweird celebrities don’t amount to a whole lot. We are far too busy trying to eke out a living or tying on a new lure to be bothered with the shouting of “elite” individuals who knows what is best for us. Perhaps, we are the no-account, low down rednecks they accuse us of being. I am okay with that label. At least I am not drowning in the blood of innocent children. Many which are sacrificed because they are an inconvenience. “It’s an unexpected pregnancy!” Exactly what did you think was going to happen when you had unprotected sex?

It is a disgusting fact of life, that we live in evil days. Good is called evil, and evil is called good. Everyone has a right and no one has a responsibility. Of course, the Bible explains that this will occur. Thousands of years ago, a man named Jesus Christ said that perilous times will come. We live in what is referred to as the last days. Our society embraces the unnatural and seeks to demolish the natural state of things. Marriages are demolished, open relationships are now the norm. Why be faithful to one spouse when you can engage in multiple sexual conquests? Facts are the bane of liberalism. Science only matters when it can be wielded like a club to bash the existence of God. Biology explains human gender, however, that doesn’t matter because how an individual identifies matters more than facts.

It is a dark and scary world out there. There is a reason that Paul wrote in his letter to the Ephesian church to put on the whole armor of God. In his description of the armor he stated, “let your loins be gird about with truth.” The acceptance of the wild and the wacky does not measure up to God’s Word. Sexual deviance (which is rampant today) was called an abomination during Abraham’s era. Since God claims in His word that He changes not, it is still vile and disgusting today. Abortion is not a new issue. Pharaoh encouraged the killing of infants during Moses’s day. King Herod in the New Testament also ordered the genocide of infants. God was not pleased with it then; and He is not pleased with it now.

As time draws short, our refuge is not found in this world. The trappings of the world only distract us, our hope comes from the Lord. In this time of turmoil, our peace comes from the knowledge that it is all part of God’s design. There is nothing that we can do besides wait on the Lord.  In Psalms 91:1 it reads, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”  If I was to paraphrase this Scripture, I would simply say that we need to be so close to God that we are in His perfect will. We need to dwell in the covering that God Almighty provides us when we walk before Him.

Freeman out!

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