Random Mumblings and barely coherent thoughts…

Hello! I am at the library, attempting to write something of importance today. My day started late, I slept until 0813 this morning. Hurriedly, I raced down the two-lane highway to my destination. There seems to be no explanation why I should be in a hurry, I am already late. Regardless, I plowed down the highway through the deluge of rain that had soaked the road and I finally arrived in Iuka.

My day ended as suddenly as it started. After a hearty lunch, my upholstery buddy and I called the day over. The recliner we are covering can wait until tomorrow, but my heart is heavy. Words can’t describe what is in my heart. Have you ever felt an emotion so strongly that words can’t paint an apt picture of it? It seems that I am stuck somewhere between consumed with passion, and wrought of love, to burdened with unending frustration and a pinch of outright hostility. Maybe, I am insane. Maybe…

Life is funny. Some people will match your loyalty, but not your effort. Others will match your effort but not your passion. Few will latch on to your vision. In the realm of God, I am sure that He has a grand design for each life. However, it is frustrating sometimes when we try to piece it all together. I can hear my pastor now: Trust in the Lord! Be faithful to the process! I am trying to do these things, but my human nature wants to help the Almighty work it all out. It’s not like He needs my help. I just need to be faithful until He completes the work that He started in me.

We have a writer’s conference coming to our church. I am very happy to be hitting up another writers’ workshop. I need to hone my craft, and I am always thrilled to learn new things. Therefore, it makes sense that I will be attending this. I borrowed a book titled, “The Lost Country” by William Gay. While I was excited to read the book, I never could find the time to read it. However, I was able to read the introduction of the novel, and it seems like the author was a good man. It is unfortunate that he has passed on. I will have to re-visit his novels again when my life is not so hectic.

These random mumblings (or barely coherent thoughts) will suffice until I can sort through the emotional turmoil that I am experiencing. Then I will write something joyous or perhaps something with a ting of happiness. Take care and I will catch you all later.

Freeman out.

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