A Novel Idea….

In the darkness I wandered alone.

It seems that every undertaking result in me being covered in a shroud of darkness. The inky black makes it impossible for me to see.

Great! No torch, no clear heading, I am lost again.”

My stubby fingers claw at my dangling beard. “Aye, you’ve done it this time Fiddleploom.” My brown beard itches more and more. Nervously, I scratch my right side first, the left side second. “Danger close!”  My beard is my danger sensor, the more the beard itches, the greater the danger.

I place my hand on the rocky wall. Water wets my fingers as I strain my ears, listening for any sound of danger. Silence is my reward.

Hmmm, I must be getting old. Nah, I ain’t old. 46 is not old for a dwarf!”

I straighten my posture, rolling my shoulders back. I crank my neck to the left and then the right. The sharp crack sounds like a cannon blast in the dark cave. “Shh!”

“Get out!”

The voice penetrates the darkness. My eyes have adjusted to the black, but it is still difficult to see. Shapes materialize in the darkness and suddenly I feel a bit out of my league.

Um, hello?

Little fellow, did you not hear me tell you to leave?

There is no malice in the voice, just a certain ting of promised doom, still I persist.

If I can only have a moment of your time…”

The laughter is bone chilling. “Time…time…time…”

“Yes, I am here on business from the Dwarf Miners Association of Angleheim. Some of our miners have disappeared and I was sent in to negotiate their release.”

“Were you now? That’s cute.”

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