Pee or get off the pot! An old man’s grumblings….

Pee or get off the pot.

That entire sentence sums up my exact frame of mind right now.

Perhaps, it has just been a long day. Then again, it may boil down to me being done with certain things in my life. It could even be the weariness that sat down upon me on the return trip home. Either way, this statement perfectly sums up my thoughts on the day.

The day started off rather well, the sunrise was beautiful to behold this morning. Deep violet was smeared across God’s canvas, the prettiest hue of pink was scattered across the violet causing a beautiful contrast of light and dark. Sunlight glittered off the silky waters of the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway.

The red Power Wagon easily pulled the cattle trailer and we headed out to Tennessee to unload the shop. Early morning conversation between my father and I was limited. Between sound bites of conversation, the groans of our tired bodies filled the air. We entered the Natchez Trace and beautiful green leaves radiated with the shimmer of sunlight. Driving down the Trace, the muddy waters of Bear Creek eked toward some unknown destination, lazily it surged forward promising fresh anglers a bounty of fish.

It is difficult to describe the natural beauty of the Trace.  Wildlife roams the sides of the road, heavy laden tree branches fold over to form a canopy over the roadway, scenic beauty bewitches the five senses of human beings. Truly, it must be seen to fully understand the beauty contained within the park.

Dad and I made it to Tennessee fine.  We stopped, and I bought us some breakfast. After a quick bite to eat, I opened the door to the shop, and we started our day. Saturday, I had loaded my truck bed with several things, so there wasn’t as much to load today. My grandfather’s voice drifts through my mind, “An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure.” The day progressed well, and we ended the morning with successfully shutting down the shop. Then it was time to journey home.

On the way home, my father told me that he was tired of dealing with a certain individual. He mentioned the line stated above. It seems that my dad and I share the same mentality on some things. I suppose, that with my increasing age my patience with people is thin. Maybe I expect too much of people. One thing is for certain, there does come a time when you must choose to either pee or get off the pot. You can’t stay where you are at, regardless of what you may have achieved, the only thing that counts is forward progress.

Upon arriving home, I took my mom to a new Mexican restaurant and she bought lunch for everyone. I had charged a battery for my lady friend’s mother. Throwing it in the back of my truck, I headed toward Corinth to pay some of my bills. After standing in line to get to the customer service desk, I was able to pay my child support and rent. I walk out to my truck and decide that I should get the battery to my friend’s mother. After struggling with the battery, we finally get it put in the Chrysler, and it starts right up after connecting it. Then it was back home for me. Another day has been successfully completed. Tomorrow, I will try again.

You guys take care. I will catch up with you all soon.

Freeman out!

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