The Siren’s Song….

Once more into the fray I go alone,

One more war before I am gone,

Live or die the warrior’s heart beats within,

Live or die the siren’s song is sung on the wind,

Tomorrow holds the promise of life untested,

Once more into the fray I roam,

The siren song beckons me home,

One war to many, I am done

The siren’s song has me undone,

Once more in the fray I am alone,

One more song to carry me home,

I war no more, my heart lies still,

The thrill of violence has been chilled,

My journey complete, my legend secured,

The siren song is tuneless on the wind,

The fray is gone, the war has ended,

My children orphans, my time is over.

What a waste, what a shame,

To ne’er pass this way again,

To be love, to be hated,

My thirst for blood has been sated,

A life well lived, it was for naught,

The simple things not enjoyed, the horror not taught,

A cruel mistress is war, her vices complex,

The roar of cannon, the crack of bullets,

Crashing of clubs, the clang of steel,

The soft goo of brain, the gush of warm blood,

Cold eyes of dead,

Vacant stares of living,

The fray claims both, it’s reach ne’er ending,

The siren song heard once more,

A cry for blood, the shout for war,

The vicious cycle repeating,

New toys, new soldiers,

New meat for the grinder

Same lies, same justification,

Anything to placate the living,

The siren song is dark, it sings of doom,

And we gayly dance like a bunch of fools.

P.S. I am not a poet. Just random words that fell from my heart.

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