Ilhan Omar opened her mouth…. and hatred for America and Israel fell out.

I am not going to apologize for this blog. Repeatedly, I have watched these “fresh faces” of the Democratic Party make one Anti-Semitic remark after another, and I kept my peace. However, when you make such a profoundly stupid remark that totally illustrates your barely contained hatred for America and her people, I will not be quiet.

Ms. Ilhan Omar made the statement that “9/11 was something some people did”. Why doesn’t she tell us how she really feels? After her “ooops” moment, she is on national television crying about death threats, and declaring that she is as American as anyone else. Funny, she thinks that she can be a Jew-hating piece of garbage, but she wants to hide behind the flag when she is called out on her crap. Of course, the left immediately side with her. “Oh, it’s okay Omar. We know that you did not mean to make light of the worst attack in modern American history. Shh, it’s okay baby. Your racism is not mean hearted at all. We know you meant it in a positive way! You didn’t mean to insult the families of 3,000 dead Americans on 9/11. We will blame it on those dastardly conservatives!”

Four months, Omar and her trifecta of stupidity (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Talib and herself) have made no attempt to hide their outright hatred for America and Israel. It really should not come as a surprise that these idiots would make an open mockery of a day where thousands of families were ripped apart violently. Where first responders rushed into danger to help strangers. On a day where newborn babes had their mothers and fathers killed in the name of some religious cause that is bred on hatred of the West. Of course, this goes hand in hand with the party of infanticide and the genocide of innocent life. God forbid we merc those who have illustrated their contempt for human life. No, they must be saved! There is a chance they can be redeemed!

Omar overloaded her mouth and when she was called out on it, she wanted to wrap herself in the American flag and tout her faux patriotism. She is not a proud American nor does she exhibit patriotism. At every point, she has shown her true colors and many Americans do not like what they see. She walks the halls of Congress calling for the destruction of Israel. Openly speaking at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) she made her stupid remark. CAIR was designated a terror organization by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Pray tell, what is a member of Congress doing speaking at an organization that allegedly funnels funds to Hamas? Given my frustration with this situation I detest using Scripture to back me up, but I will power through it. The Scripture declares that we should shun the appearance of evil. Omar did not shun evil, she embraced it, wined and dined it, and spews forth their garbage at every opportunity.

As a veteran who joined the military due to the horror that I witnessed on that day of infamy, I am thoroughly disgusted by the acceptance of this vile rhetoric that this trifecta of idiocy espouses. They need to be removed from office immediately. There is no place for this type of disdain and hatred for America or Israel. Under no circumstance should we give quarter to known enemies of the United States. There was once a word that was used to describe this type of behavior, that word is traitor. Surely, this vile speech will be renounced by her party. Nope, instead an excuse will be made for her. They will point at the death threats and make her out to be a victim. When in actuality she is a victim of her own stupidity. God help us.

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