A series of writing exercises….The Mad Minute….

“This situation is horrible; what am I going to do?” Trust God and trust the process. If God has brought me to this place, He didn’t bring me here to fail. Rather, He brought me here to overcome the situation that I think is hopeless. It is never His will that I fail or succumb to the temptations that arise in my daily life. Instead, He brings me through the darkness. In the oppressing night, He carries me safely to His tower of refuge.

My soul cries out for help and He hears me. The sound of my enemies closing in echoes through the darkness. Moving quickly, I stumble down the uneven path hoping that light will illuminate the encroaching dusk. Prayerfully, I ask for divine help. Worship falls from my mouth as I cling to the faith that God hears and answers prayer. The footfalls of the enemy slip further and further away. A still small voice whispers on the wind, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Another mad minute.

The rush of the wind threatens to push me off the cliff. Clinging to the rock wall, I hold on tightly. The crash of the waves pounds the shoreline that seem to be miles below me. Slowly, I make my way up the narrow path. Traffic is light as no one seems to want to walk the narrow path that leads to a higher level. Edging ever closer to the open maw of the abyss, I turn my face heavenward. The sunlight hits my face and I feel the presence of divine power radiating upon my body. “You can do it. Keep your eyes focused upon me.”

The last mad minute.

God what am I going to do?” The echoes of my anguish ring throughout my mind. Like cathedral bells clanging out the welcome of churches in Europe, my misery echoes upon the waves of my mind. Naomi’s words echo, echo, echo through my mind: Call me Mara, for the Lord hath dealt with me bitterly.” My situation is the same as it has always been….hopeless. Depression seeks to enter my mind, to team up with bitterness and drive me to the brink of insanity. The darkness is oppressive, anxiety joins the party. Achingly, my head feels like it is being ripped apart. My spirit cries out for relief and a Scripture from my childhood enters my mind: “God is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother….” My pastor’s words come on the gentle breeze, “Let go and let God….”

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