The complete thought….

Yesterday, I was on my way to the flea market, when this thought occurred to me. My thought was this: Some people would rather cling to the “what ifs” of the past than accept the blessings of God. You can’t accept God’s goodness while bitterly holding on to failures of the past!

We pray and ask God to bless us, or that He will work on our behalf, but we don’t want to accept the solution that He has provided. It reminds me of a joke that I heard once. A man is trapped on a roof during a flood. The water continues to rise and he climbs higher. A man in a canoe comes by and offers help. He refuses to accept the help. An officer in a boat comes by and again the man refuses. God will provide! A helicopter comes and again he refuses salvation. He drowns. He stands before God and demands to know why God did not provide help. The Lord looks at him and replies,” I sent you a canoe, a boat and a helicopter.” Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

Clinging to the past keeps us from accepting the help that the Lord provides us. There is no secret ingredient to living life. We must shut the door on the past and CHOOSE to move on. Yes, I am aware that this can be difficult but it’s on us to make the effort. Failed marriages, relationships, and careers are hard to overcome but we must realize that God doesn’t want us to lie in the dirt and continue to be beaten by our mistakes.

Rather, God gives us a fresh start. A chance to experience love again. Jeremiah 29:11 reads. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” I heard a minister preach that the children of Israel were to be in bondage for 400 years in Egypt. They spent 430 years in bondage, did God make a mistake? No, He did not.  Moses killed an Egyptian and had to flee Egypt. It is entirely probable that because Moses got out of the will of the Lord, that he hindered God’s will and Israel suffered because of it.

Bitterly holding on to the mistakes of the past, keeps us from wholly accepting God’s will in our lives. I have many good memories from my past. Many are from my days in the military. However, most of my memories from that time glamorizes my addiction to alcohol and pills. If I was to be honest, my battle with addiction is not a good memory. Addiction led me down a dark path, it made me dependent on a substance that did not bring me peace. When I sobered up, I still had the same issues that I began my day with. It never gave me a solution to my problems. My drunkenness gave me a hangover, my addiction to pills made it hard for me to generate a plan to overcome my troubles. The only peace that I have ever found has been in Jesus.

I do not want to hinder the plan that God has for my life. Nor do I want to miss the blessings that God wants to give me because I am holding on to things from my past. In the Bible, you can find many Scriptures that will show you that God has good things that He wants to give His children. However, we must be in position to receive them. Part of being in position requires us to let go of the past. Don’t allow the past to dictate terms for your future.

I have completed this thought. It is my fondest wish that you folks have a great Sunday. Take care and I will catch up with you all later.

Freeman out.

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