A novel idea!

I am considering writing a story titled, “True Love: My Gradual Transformation Into An Emotional Eunuch.” The basis for the story is a young man named Joe who dates a lot of women. Each relationship sees him deal with disdain, heartbreak and detachment. He gets married and has children with his wife. He is happy until he discovers that she is committing adultery with his brother. Upon confrontation, she takes his children and leaves him. At 40, he is a fresh divorcee facing the challenge of re-learning the ropes of dating. He encounters more disdain, more heartbreak and is treated with more detachment. Then one day he meets Angie. She realizes what a treasure Joe is. She sets out to secure his heart forever. Joe is unable to match her passion, and lapses into treating Angie with the same disdain that he has been treated with. After multiple attempts to secure his heart and love him, they agree that it is better to remain friends. Fate intervenes. Realizing that they are meant to be together, they race out and jump into their vehicles. Racing toward each other’s houses, they frantically attempt to call each other. Driving distracted, they plow into each other at 75 m.p.h. Unable to exit their vehicles, true love dies in the ensuing fires that consume both vehicles.

So, there you have it. Let me know what you guys think! Who knows, perhaps it will be a best seller one day!

Freeman out!


  1. It is a great idea although I have reservations on the story line; for me, it is a little cliche (that’s just my opinion). Nevertheless, I am more interested on how you execute the story and how you incorporate your own points of view to elevate the story line.

    Hoping to read this story 🙂 As the adage goes, keep on writing! 🙂 Good luck on the endeavor as well.


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