Poisonous fruit…

Have you ever noticed that the things you want the most, is often the most poisonous? Or that the consequences of said desires are the most severe? I will use Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden for an example. God creates a beautiful paradise. The birds sing, the animal kingdom lives in peace with each other, and God creates man. Then He realizes that Adam will be lonely, so He creates Eve to be a companion for him. Together, Adam and Eve live in this beautiful paradise.

In the center of the garden, there is a tree that God has told them to not eat of. According to the Scripture, if they eat of it they will surely die. Eve takes a piece of fruit from the tree and eats, then gives it to Adam and he eats as well. Both give in to the temptation and bring sin into the world. Then God makes them clothes and drives them from the Garden of Eden.

We are no different from Adam and Eve. In our lives, we each face temptation to give in to sin. There are several lessons that can be learned from this example. For instance, we need to be careful to what we listen to. The serpent was instrumental in deceiving both, however, if Eve had never listened to the wrong voice, they would have lived happily ever after in Eden.

The serpent deceived Eve, she in turn brought down Adam. We must be careful which voices we allow to speak in our lives. Some speak life, others speak destruction. Some voices lift up, while others drag us down. It doesn’t matter if it is friends, family, co-workers, or church members. According to the Scriptures, the Lord is our shepherd. In the New Testament, it states that His sheep know his voice and they follow Him.

Satan (who beguiled Adam and Eve) doesn’t always come as the serpent. Sometimes, he comes as the things that we desire the most. Eagerly, we listen and when our world comes crashing down, we wonder why things have not worked out the way that we wanted them to. It is easy to get off track. We should never go back to things that has harmed us, however, the human heart is a deceitful machination. The things we desire the most is sometimes our downfall.

Is it easy to live for God? I would say that through Christ Jesus that it is possible to walk with Him. However, I would not say that it is easy. There are moments of trials and tribulations. We are human beings, and we tend to be easily distracted. However, through prayer and reading our Bible we are able to overcome. It is a matter of priorities. Do we hunger and thirst after righteousness? Or is our lives full of desires and wants, until there is no room for God? Are we cluttered with worldly pursuits or are we wholeheartedly seeking the will of God for our lives?

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