I must be doing something right. My eyes are fine, the doctor’s diagnosis for my blurry vision is that I am getting old. It is official I suppose. Age has finally caught up with me. Standing at Lowes yesterday with my father, my phone dinged. The VA has scheduled me for another appointment on the 9th of April. It seems that I have a few things going against me. However, I am sure that everything will be fine. After all, it is me and the Lord against the world now.

Traveling to Memphis takes a toll on my body. The high-stress drive is always tiring, doubly so when you haven’t slept. Yesterday was no different. Last night, I spoke to a group of youth at my church. I suppose that it went over well, they seemed to listen intently. Hopefully, one of them was helped by the sharing of my testimony.

Revival starts tonight at 1900. I am awake and the day holds the promise of being a mental battleground. It is no different than any other day. There is a Scripture that says when you have done all you can to stand, stand. You can’t depend on people to be what you need them to be, they will disappoint you. There is only one faithful friend and His name is Jesus Christ.

If you happen to be in Iuka, Mississippi, swing by Iuka First United Pentecostal Church and join us for revival. Until next time, be safe and have a good day.

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