Prayer and Faithfulness….

Recently, my thoughts have been racing around the Scripture found in Job, when God questioned Satan and asked, “Have you considered my servant Job?” Satan of course replies that he has considered Job, but God has built a wall around him and God will not allow Satan to touch him. My thought has been this: Has the devil considered me a threat to his kingdom?

The Word of God shows us that Jesus allowed Job to be tested by Satan. Job lost everything in one day. Then his wife comes out when he is stricken with boils and she tells him to curse God and die. If Job thought his bad day was almost over with the setting sun, his friends show up to “comfort” him.  Poor Job’s bad day just became much worse with their arrival. Through it all, Job remains faithful to God.

This story has made me look at my prayer life. When I pray, does the devil take notice? Or am I just mouthing words into the void? Reverend Batson preached yesterday, and he made the statement that the devil doesn’t mind if you go to church if your mind is not on the Lord. Nor does he care if you pray, if your prayers are insincere, and you don’t get God’s attention. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the devil is your biggest cheerleader when your prayers are ineffective.

When I pray, I want to shake the foundations of hell. I want to tear down the strongholds of the devil and his kingdom. When I pray, I want God to know that there is nothing more important than me feeling his presence and communicating with my Savior. It is easy to throw in the towel when you pray, and you don’t feel the presence of God. However, just because you don’t feel God’s presence immediately doesn’t mean that God is not listening to you. Sometimes, we must continue to pray and break through whatever obstacle is keeping us from touching the throne of grace.

An example of this is found in the book of Daniel. When Daniel was praying and violating the law of Nebuchadnezzar; I am sure that his prayers probably felt like they fell flat. They arrest Daniel shortly thereafter, and they toss him in the lions’ den. An angel shows up and tells Daniel, “God heard you when you prayed.” However, the angel was hindered, and Daniel’s answer was delayed. Given this information, we must not quit praying when it seems that our prayers are made of lead. If we maintain our prayer life, and show ourselves to be faithful to prayer, we will receive our answer in due time. The Scripture states that we should pray without ceasing. In my mind this means that we should be faithful to prayer. There should never come a day that we don’t communicate with our Savior. Nor should we spend more time on worldly pursuits than we do talking with God. If life is about balance, then so is our spiritual walk with God. It is worth the effort to be prayed up and on fire for God. After all, “What would Jesus do?”

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