Peace be still….

This morning, I have been thinking about peace. Specifically, about the Scripture about “peace that surpasses all understanding.” My mother and I were standing in her kitchen this morning talking about church and how things were going. I mentioned peace to her and we discussed it while we waited for our breakfast to cook. Years ago, I was under the impression that peace acted as a buffer from the storms of life. My view was askew with the misconception that peace protected us from harm. Boy, did I have a lot to learn (in my defense I was about 12 when this was my impression).

However, life and time have conspired to bring me to the conclusion that peace is not protection from life and its chaos. Instead, peace that surpasses understanding is realizing that you are not alone in the storm. Jesus is riding shotgun during the rising tide of trouble. The knowledge that Jesus once walked upon the stormy waves of the Sea of Galilee  brings comfort that He can walk upon the storms of our lives and whisper, “Peace be still.” In my mind though, I like for Him to say things “Slow your roll Sharon!”

That is going to do it for me. I am exhausted and my dog Roscoe may cause me to search my medicine cabinet for pain medication.  You guys take it easy!

Freeman out.

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