Good morning! My mood this morning has been one of expectancy. Eagerly, I await the opportunity to go to church and see what is in store for us this morning. I am still anticipating a great church service. While I wait for my magical beans to dissolve into the sweet nectar of the gods, I will write about my topic of the day, living a purpose driven life.

We all have a purpose in this life. The role that we play at times may vary. If we have children for example, we act as a friend, counselor, teacher, and corrector. In many ways, we act as an encourager for our children. We encourage them to take risk, and when they fail, we are their comforter. We are the enforcer of the boundaries that we set to protect our children. This is just a series of examples to make the point that we serve a purpose.

However, when it comes to a purpose driven life, the question must be asked: What drives us? Are we driven by money? A career? Is our family the thing that gets us out of bed in the morning and drives us to be our best self? Perhaps, it is an undiscovered higher calling that gives us purpose. Any way that you slice it, each of us have something that causes us to lead a purpose driven life.

I will use me as an example this morning. When I served in the military, my purpose was to conqueror each rank. However, I did not want to just make rank. I wanted to be the best that I could be and impact each rank that I made. Inside of me was a burning desire to be the best. When I was a squad leader, I wanted to have the best squad. When there was a no-fail mission, I wanted my squad to be the leaders on it. I spent over a decade trying to be the best and attempting to instill this desire in my soldiers.

When I retired from the military, my purpose was gone. No longer did I want to be the absolute best at anything. Years passed before I found my purpose again. However, once you find your purpose, life becomes better. There is no greater feeling than having something to strive for. I hope that each of you find your purpose and that it provides you with fulfillment.

Take care, and I will chat with you all soon.

Freeman out.

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