Reading, writing and politics?

It has been a beautiful day. Chores that I have postponed due to colder temperatures has beckoned me to come complete them today. Engrossed with swinging an axe through unwanted vegetation, I have cleared away many briar patches and undergrowth. My shoulders aching from overuse, I am now seated in front of my laptop choosing words and placement for this blog.

Yesterday, I was going through the Reader here on WordPress. I came across a blog that captured my attention and I read said blog. It was very well written but what struck me was the fact that the author utilized his political position to make a point. As I read through his blog, I found that I kept circling around to his politics. This did not bode well with me, and I considered my own blog. How many times have I written blogs that was mired in political stances? How many times have I alienated my audience because of my own political stance?

Therefore, I have purposed to limit my political writing on my blog. In no way do I mean to offend anyone. I enjoy political conversations (not arguments) as much as the next person. However, I do not want to argue politics, religion, sexuality, or any other “hot button” issues. It’s not that I can’t argue them, my reasoning is that arguments serve no purpose other than to anger the other person. I appreciate every reader that comes to my blog, regardless if they are conservative, liberal, or any other specification that they subscribe to.

I hope that this finds you guys doing well. Take care and I will chat with you all soon.

Freeman out.

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