There is something special about Sunday mornings. For whatever reason, it always feels like humanity tries to do better on this day. This seems to be especially true in small towns stretched across these United States. The church bells serve as a reminder that God sees all, and He wants us to do our best in all things. Perhaps, it is because we all have been hurried all week long, and when we finally have a moment to slow down and reset, we realize that we can do better. There are several reasons why Sunday mornings are peaceful.

In Germany, the clang of church bells would always bring a smile to my face. Regardless of the distance that separated me from my family in the United States, I knew that my folks were going to church (just like the Germans). Despite the differences of our cultures, we all seem to have a special place in our hearts for our Savior. The language barrier was overcome by shared faith. Tears of joy, happiness, or sadness is a universal truth. Gathering together to worship our Lord is not dependent upon a shared language or culture. In the Scriptures, you will find a verse that proclaims that when two or three people gather together, God will be amid it. It said nothing about if they were white, black, yellow or a space amoeba. Nor did it say that they must all share the same language.

For most of us Sunday is a day of church services, where we take time out of our busy lives and go to church to worship our Savior. However, how many of us go to church simply out of routine? I have been guilty of it. Then I go home unchanged because I did not put aside my worries, or my carnal thoughts. In the Scriptures it states that those who worship Him, must worship Him in spirit and in truth. Therefore, when I go to church, my thoughts should be focused solely upon the Lord. After all, He bore the sins of the whole world and died for my transgressions. Taking some time out of my “busy” life is the least that I can do.

Wherever we go, whatever we may face, God is our constant friend. It seems almost shameful that we set aside two church services on the weekend to worship the Lord for His blessings upon our lives. Can you imagine if He only kept us from danger on Sunday? Or perhaps, He would only provide for us on the days that we truly worshipped Him with our whole heart? What would be the outcome then? However, that is not how God designed us. He gave us free will to choose the path that we would walk. Therefore, if we choose not to worship Him, it is our choice. If we allow ourselves to be distracted by the happenings of our own lives, while still attempting to praise His holy name, then our worship is not from our whole heart. It is instead comparable to Cain’s offering to the Lord.

I apologize for becoming preachy. However, it is time for me to worship the Lord and to take some time to be thankful for His blessings upon my life. He has been good to me and I must praise Him for His goodness in my life. This will be the last Scripture that I utilize in this blog, there is a Scripture that claims, if we do not worship Him the rocks will cry out in reverence to His goodness and faithfulness. I do not want to be replaced by a rock. When it is all said and done, I want my life to show forth His goodness. I want people to see the mercy of God in my life.

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