A short blog about nothing…..

Finally, I have made it home. Today has been a great day. It has been filled with laughter, smiles and sales. I delivered a wood heater to a customer. All in all, it was a magnificent day. To top it off, I spent time with the lovely Rachel Embrey! Now, I am snuggled quite comfortably in my recliner, pecking out a blog. A Walk in Darkness can wait until tomorrow. I perused the headlines before setting out, and it is more of the same.

I do not want to write about mass shootings in New Zealand. Nor do I want to discuss AOC’s superpower of running her mouth about crap she doesn’t understand. Racism on Capitol Hill has been talked to death. The upcoming election is a horrible topic. Who decided to give the kids the keys to the government sounds like a fun topic, but I am sure it would be a disaster by the time I was done with it. Therefore, I will wait until tomorrow to write anything that may be worthy of reading.

It is evening here in Mississippi, the sun is sinking low, and the crickets are chirping out their favorite tune. You guys have a pleasant evening/morning/afternoon/ or whatever. Take it easy and be safe out there.

Freeman out.

P.S. My heart does go out to New Zealand. My prayers are with them as they try to make sense of this difficult time.

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