Bad investments (continued)….

Earlier, I wrote a blog about bad investments. I figure, I will add to it and hopefully explain what I meant when I wrote it. First, some background: For those that are not aware, I am a retired soldier. In case you have never served in the military, it is not easy on the body. Ruck marches, hundreds of thousands of pushups, sit-ups and miles upon miles of running, it takes a toll on said body. Then there is the other side: mental issues such as PTSD, the stifled emotions, and anger is also a problem.

To wit the reason for my blog about bad investments. I fired my handgun yesterday and my ears have been ringing since. I was not wearing hearing protection, so it is my fault. As I grow older, I discover more issues with my body. I loved my time in the Army. Thanks to my military service, I was able to visit places that I had only read about. My degree was paid for because of my military service. Many other perks are mine because of my time in the Army. Therefore, I can’t blame them for anything, but I can say that physically, it was a bad investment. Of course, on top of that, I also lifted heavy weights for over 20 years. So, I am going to quit griping now.

Y’all take it easy.

Freeman out. ffffffffff

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