Storms and my refuge….A Walk in Darkness….

“Geez, the wind is ripping this morning!” As I sit here in my quiet house, the wind is whipping across my front porch. It has been causing the tin on my roof to rattle. Of course, as I start typing this the wind dies down a bit. However, it has got me thinking about the storms in our lives and how they can show up at any moment.

The storms of life often show up with no warning. It is perfectly peaceful and then, wham! Our vehicles break down, tires go flat, or we run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Then our children get sick at inopportune times (usually when we are too broke to take them to the hospital). I could keep adding to the list, but you get the point by now. The wind howls and batters us. Much like a dinghy on the open sea, we are thrashed upon the waves.

However, there is good news. God is the creator of the wind and the waves. According to the Bible, Jesus walked upon the troubled waters of Galilee. In the middle of the storm, He was amid it with His disciples. It is vital that we realize that God did not abandon them in the middle of the storm. The wind was howling, and the waves were crashing into the side of their vessel threatening to capsize the ship, but God came to their rescue.

Faith even allowed Simon Peter to walk on the waters to Jesus. If his eyes were on Jesus, his feet carried him to his Savior. However, when he focused on the storm, he began to sink into the waves. Thus, a great lesson is taught to us in this recording. If life has thrashed you, and you feel that you are hopelessly lost, turn your attention to God. Cast your eyes toward the hills from whence cometh your help. In the Scriptures it is written, “He is an ever-present help in times of trouble.” Granted, God is not our “get out of jail free” card. Nor does having faith in God mean that we will not encounter storms.

However, faith in God does mean that we do not have to face the storm alone. Sometimes storms are a means to position us where He wants us to be. Other times, storms are meant to try us and prove our faith. There is always a reason for our storms, we may not realize it but that does not diminish the truth that storms serve a purpose.

In my own life, I have encountered storms. If you have been keeping up with A Walk in Darkness, I talk about the storms that have shaped my own life. Hindsight has allowed me to see the reason for many of these storms. Each one positioned me in another situation that brought me home. These storms helped me find my way back to God. He did not move, He was exactly where I left Him. You notice that I said, “I left Him” not that He abandoned me. This truth I do know, that for every moment of darkness that I walked through, He was with me. Often, I tried to do it alone, however, I was not strong enough to shoulder the stress and pain that I encountered. When I felt that I could not take another step, He gave me the strength to take another step.

In life, the clouds may roll in, the thunder may rumble, and the waves may threaten to overwhelm us. However, in the darkness, that is when we are the closest, we will ever be with God. For it is in the darkness that God carries us. There is an old Gospel song that says, “He is my rock, my sword and my shield.” In my life, He has been my sure foundation and my friend, my strong tower and my refuge.

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