Today has been a great day with a shadow of frustration. My dad and I took his boat out to make sure that it was fishing season ready, it ran fine, but we spent the bulk of our time throwing the anchor out and pulling ourselves to shore. Crows Neck is less than six inches deep in many places, and 12-24 inches in even more spots. It was irritating.

Then I went over to a friend’s house to help him sight in the rifle his son shoots in 4H. It has been too long since I have messed with an optic, but we got two rifles sighted in. Then I broke out my handgun and fired it for the first time. My tinnitus is ringing like I encountered a VBIED.

While my dad and I worked on his boat, we checked on his goats. One was expecting, and she had the goat. It was miscarried (or whatever goats have) and my dog Chunk rolled around in the afterbirth. He will be washed tomorrow. What is it about dead critters that make dogs want to wallow in it?

The rest of tomorrow will be given to preparing for my sojourn to the flea market Friday and Saturday. Hopefully, the weather will be nice and business will be good.

You guys take care and I will catch up with you soon.

Freeman out. ffffffffff

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