Bad investments….

Bad investments, it happens to everyone. When one considers bad investments, they often think of financial. I am the opposite. I am always broke, so I tend to think of time. Time is a valuable commodity. Given the very nature of time, it is more important than money, status, or even prestige. What is the nature of time? Once time is spent, there is no way to recover it. Therefore, if you spend it foolishly, there is no return. Thus, you lose out twice. You don’t get a refund of the time that you have spent, and you are “X amount of time” closer to death.

As an example: You spend a certain amount of time in a bad marriage. However, amount of time that goes by (for this example we will say two years) that time is gone. The more time we lose, the greater the impact of bad investments. Another example would be: You work a dead-end job with no chance of promotion. You never get a raise. Then ten years down the road you quit your job and start over. That ten years is wasted as far as your retirement is concerned. Now, you must start at the bottom and work your way up the ladder.

Unfortunately, there are signs that something is a bad investment, however, we generally ignore the signs that we are given. “I love them…” or “Things will turn around at my job…” Then we struggle because of said investments. I am the world’s worst about investing badly. I always end up hurt because I think that other people or my career will meet my investment. That is not always the case. Sometimes, it is fools gold. However, I am sure that one day the script will change.

That is going to do it for me today. Y’all take care.

Freeman out.

Disclaimer: I am not aiming at anyone. Geez, I have become gun shy as of late. The purpose of the blog is for me to write. In no way, shape, fashion or form am I attacking anyone or any career. That is all.

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