Political theater!

My thoughts on the Mueller investigation vary, as I am sure it does for most folks. This long running “investigation” into alleged wrongdoing is costing us taxpayers a pretty dime. Nevertheless, this political witch hunt continues. This morning, I saw where USA Today wrote an analysis concerning the potential findings of said investigation. First, no findings have been released. Why not? Well, I am certain that there are no findings to be released, they just don’t want to admit that they have wasted all this money and have nothing to show for it.

Secondly, IF there are findings, the release of said information will be sat on until they can inflict maximum damage to Trump. It will follow the same set up that was used against Brett Kavanaugh. Like Blasey-Ford’s empty testimony, they will drag up one non-credible witness after another to “testify” about what truly occurred. It will be another theatrical production by the Democrats. I love political theater!

Finally, this morning I also noticed that Nancy Pelosi has stated that there is no reason to try to impeach Donald Trump in this term, so that tells me all I really need to know. If the Democrats lose the upcoming election, they will release the Mueller findings (a five-year investigation folks). I dare you to say it’s not a witch hunt. At which point they will start impeachment proceedings against the current President. Then it will be a long drawn out ceremony where the only clear loser will be, We the People.

That is, it in a nutshell. They either have nothing (but are still searching) or they are waiting until they can snipe him and cause maximum damage. Either way, it is only political theater.

Freeman out!

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