Hate on Capitol Hill…..

Today, I am going to take a break from A Walk in Darkness to comment on the blatant Anti-Semitic behavior of the Democrats. I mention only the Democrats because two of their colleagues show immense hostility toward the nation of Israel. The two that inspired me to write this are Ms. Omar and Ms. Talib. For the record, I have not been bought off by AIPAC.

I wrote a blog about Anti-Semitism arriving on Capitol Hill shortly after Ms. Omar made her first remark. We are less than 90 days into the new year, and this terrorist groupie is tearing it up on the Anti-Semitic record. Although I have no idea what the record is for “most Anti-Israel remarks made in a year” she must be chasing it. It seems that her favorite contest is “hate the Jews.” To showcase my ignorance, I thought that racism is wrong for all people. However, it seems to fall into the same category as equally enforcing the law….it is good for most people, but not all people.

Of course, when Ms. Omar is called on her blatant racist behavior, in steps the Democrats to protect her. “She doesn’t know the right words yet to convey her feelings!” or “There is no deep-seated hatred for the Jews! She doesn’t know how to say that the Jews suck in political babble yet!” They took a vote to see if they should smash this hateful woman. Nope. Overwhelmingly, they voted to pat her on the head and treat her like she is dumb.

Surely, this hateful rhetoric has no place in our government. Especially after Mr. “Hope and Change” led us to such a tremendous height of racial unification. After such wonderful leadership and healing the divide between every race, there is no place for racism in any form. David Duke (former KKK leader) has given two thumbs up to Ms. Omar for her “brave” remarks. Then Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam) has encouraged her not to apologize to the “Satanic Jews.” With such eloquent people in her corner, why would anyone accuse her of racism or deep-seated hatred of God’s chosen people?

If we could only find an example of Anti-Semitic language and behavior gone out of control. Then perhaps we would understand why we should never pamper this kind of unabashed hatred. Wait a minute…. the Jew hating guy…. what’s his name…..Hitler.Y’all know Mr. Hitler, don’t you?  He is the charismatic leader of Germany that convinced them to exterminate the Jews. The “Final Solution” to the “Jewish problem” was his baby. In a loud voice, he blamed all the woes of Germany on those pesky Jewish fellows. Then Hitler and the Nazi Army killed almost 11 million Jews when it was all said and done. How quickly we forget.

I have not forgotten Ms. Talib. She is no better than her hate-filled colleague. Her first day in office she accused Republicans of “forgetting which country they represent.”  She also is sharing billing on a speaking engagement with an Imam who is for the killing of homosexuals, and women who do not wear their burqa. So, all in one event you have: A Muslim woman who claims to be for women rights and Anti-Israel (she also wrote for Farrakhan) and a guy who wants to murder homosexuals and women who disagree with his religious beliefs. It should be a great show!

Nancy Pelosi has lost complete control of the Democratic Party. She is only there to say what they tell her to say. Three freshmen Congresswomen now control the party. It sounds like a bad joke. “Two Muslim women and a Socialist walk into a bar….” However, it is no laughing matter. As Americans we can’t allow this hateful rhetoric to be part of our national image. We must cut this hate out of our heart and purge it. Otherwise, we will find ourselves in the same shape as Germany. God help us all.

Freeman out. d0c

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