True love or stupidity?

“What pays off is the consistency to do the right thing.” I wrote this on the inside of my Bible when I was thirteen years old. It has stuck with me all these years. Last week, I read an article that drove home the importance of persistent behavior (or consistency).

A couple fell in love in 1972. Every year, he would propose marriage to her. She refused to accept his proposal and promptly rejected it for forty-six years. Finally, in 2018, she proposed to him and he accepted. Think about that for a moment. He asked every year for 46 years and she rejected his proposal every time. Then he manned up and proposed again the next year. I never would have asked again after the second time. However, this man is to be admired for his tenacity. To boot, she now lives in a nursing home (wheel chair bound) and he travels to her when he can get away from work. It seems to me that he was either seriously enamored with this woman or he was a complete idiot. Did he have nothing else to do? “I think I will go propose to the love of my life and watch her reject it again this year….” At some point, you must realize that marriage is not in the cards. On top of the rejections, he stayed with her. His faithfulness to her is admirable. He stuck it out, and 47 years later he received his prize.

Congratulations to the young man for toughing it out. Your faithfulness and determination are worthy of adulation.

Freeman out.

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