Fear….A Walk in Darkness….

 “It’s too quiet…” It is almost 0430 this morning as I begin to write this blog. The silence has made me edgy. For whatever reason, the silence seems like encroaching death waiting to spring it’s trap this morning. Every part of me is tense, I am waiting for the other boot to drop.

Where do I know this feeling from?

The roar of machinery is crowding out the silence. Apache helicopters hover overhead, tanks are crushing everything in their way, the roar of the cannons firing fills the air with the sharp roar of impending doom. Behind me, a senior Noncommissioned Officer is yelling into a radio hand mike. “Listen, I don’t have time for a sit-rep….” The shot you never hear is the one that kills you. All around me becomes quiet, I turn to where the NCO was yelling. His face shows shock and I watch as his brains fall out of his helmet. “Sniper!”

Breathing silently, I listen for the creak of unwanted company. All seems normal but it is just a trap. My heart is racing. “You’re not in Iraq. It’s okay.” Out of nowhere, the supersonic crack of jet turbines breaks the silence over my house. “Relax old son. Breathe. No one is out to get you that you know of.” I don’t like this…

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