Victimhood, and where we are as a nation…..

This morning, I wrote a short musing about this purported hate crime that was in fact nothing more than mere pollen. Today, has been a rough day of sorts. My sugar has bottomed out twice today, causing me to sway across my living room and my mother’s kitchen like a dancer swaying to big band music.

In between bouts of unwanted dancing maneuvers, I have thought about this case of mistaken hate crime. False accusation/report aside, it isn’t her fault. It seems like this is where we are as a nation. Jussie Smollett, now this lady, it seems like we as a people are seeking ways to become a victim. Even if we must make up the charges, we are bent to join victims who are oppressed.

Maybe it is just me, but has no one else heard the story about the boy who always cried wolf? False accusations take attention away from actual victims of hate crime (or any other crime for that matter). We live in a society where everyone is seeking attention. Folks that cry wolf should be punished for wasting law enforcement’s time. However, that is not the world that we live in. Instead, we push the lie (if it fits our agenda) and when we are caught in it, we label it mis-reporting. Once upon a time we called it what it is, an outright lie.

Telling the truth has become revolutionary. We no longer want the truth, because the truth makes us uncomfortable. It is a sad state of affairs, that we have reached this place in our society where we refuse to acknowledge the truth, or even to hear it.

The racial division that people in power continue to push, has created an environment where false accusations or not, if it smears the left or the right it is fine. Once upon a time, slandering a person’s good name was not tolerated. Dragging a person’s family through the mud and falsely accusing them of rape or racial bigotry was unthinkable. In today’s age, it is perfectly normal to slander a person and then label them a racist or a rapist.

I would like for things to turn around, but it is not going to happen. Our representatives are idiots, and they have an agenda to push. The media is biased to promote said agenda, and in the end we must reap the whirlwind.

Freeman out.

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