Random musings…from the back of the library…..

This morning, I am tired. It has been one sleepless night. However, the Lord saw fit to give me another day to try to make the most of it. I am eternally grateful to be blessed with a wonderful life.

It seems that no post of mine is complete without addressing some political figure. Today is going to be the day that I don’t. Enough media coverage is given to these lunatics. I am done with it today.

Church has been great. I am thankful to be blessed with a good life, a good church, a great woman, and wonderful kids. Who could possibly ask for anything more?

My bank card was used without my permission (fraud). Someone wanted to buy some music but thankfully my bank caught it. I am glad that it did not turn out like the last time. Some guy in Africa used my bank card to purchase 12,000 dollars of WWE merchandise while I was in Iraq. Try explaining that to your wife (especially when you hate wrestling)!

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Take care of yourselves and I will chat with you soon! Who knows, I may force myself to write about politics later.

Freeman out!

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