Politicians, the Constitution, and the times we live in…..

This morning, I came upon a Diamond and Silk video. It has been a long time since I have seen these ladies speak. I was glad to watch this video, they addressed many topics that America is currently facing. Granted, many of their views may be considered controversial but I happen to be in agreement with their assessment.

One of the views that I agree on is the undermining of American values. Once a person is elected to Congress, they are swore in to UPHOLD and DEFEND the CONSTITUTION. It is rather simple. IF your religious beliefs will not allow you to do this simple matter, then you need to resign.

Yes, here in America you have the right to practice your religion. It doesn’t matter if you serve Jesus, Allah or a space amoeba. Whatever you choose to worship, it is allowed here. Also, if you choose not to practice any type of religious worship that is fine as well. However, and a lot of people have forgotten this, you don’t get to infringe on other people’s choices. If you are elected to Congress or God forbid the Presidency, you are expected to stand up for your constituents and their right to practice their religion.

When we elect people to represent us, they need to fulfill their obligation. Failure to do so should result in removal from office. They are not sent to Capitol Hill to fill their pockets and stack their bank accounts. Instead, they are sent to protect the Constitution and ensure that generations of Americans are allowed to continue to exercise their rights in a safe environment. Too many elected officials have forgotten their role in our government. You are not our leaders, you are our representatives. If you can’t do your job, then resign and we will put someone else in Congress that can do it.

As time marches on, representatives on both sides of the aisle are continually chipping away at the Constitution. Mass shootings occur and we don’t blame the person that shot up a school, movie theater or church. Instead, we blame every gun owner. Then they want to snatch weapons out of the hands of every citizen. Negative Ghostrider. This governmental overreach is just one of several examples of the government refusing to abide by the Constitution that governs this land. Unfortunately, it is not only the Second Amendment that they are attempting to destroy. Your freedom of speech, freedom against self-incrimination, illegal search and seizure and more are on the chopping block.

Many of my fellow citizens are willing to give away their God-given rights for a little security. You don’t speak for me, and if Congress wants to infringe on my rights as a citizen of this country, then they should prepare to fight. I will not relinquish my rights. Nor will I accept their ultimatums. For ten years, I served my country in a military uniform and followed all orders that were given to me. If I was expected to follow my orders, then by God so are they.

It is no longer abnormal for the government to try to regulate every aspect of our lives. You can’t capture rain water, you cant go fishing without a license, you can’t buy a weapon without a background check, they want to tell you what types of weapons you can buy, what accessories you can use, etc. Government overreach and regulation is their way of controlling our lives. What is going to happen next? Are they going to tell us what books we can read, when we can have children (looking at you Ocasio-Cortez) or what religion to practice?

The failure to understand exactly where we are at this moment in time will lead us to our doom. This lack of understanding is what the government wants for every citizen. They want us to react emotionally to the poor immigrants that are stuck at the border. They don’t want us to question their motives. Or to ask questions concerning why they are here illegally. According to crime research.org, illegal immigrants are 142% more likely to commit crimes, they serve 10.5 more years on their sentences and 45% are more likely to be gang members. Our stupid representatives are willing to let them in without any assessment of their capability to assimilate to our values. Sure, open the gates and allow them to have free reign no questions asked.

At the end of the day, we only have ourselves to blame. We elect these stupid people and they quickly sell their souls to whoever will fill their bank accounts. They become tools for corporations, and private citizens who want certain laws to be passed. The old adage is, “he that has the gold, makes the rules.” It has never been more true than in the time that we live in. Enough is enough. If we do not take a stand, America as we know it will fall.

That is all. You guys have a great day.

Freeman out.

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