Creativity and a lack of direction…..

It is a little after 0430 and I am getting ready to hit the flea market this morning. The soft pattering of rain is dropping on my tin roof and making it hard to wake up. As I write this, my mind is torn between topics that I could write about on my blog and the directions that I want to choose for my novels. Yes, I said novels.

It is hard for me to choose the direction for said novels because the moment that I do, I am stuck with whichever direction I choose. Then I have to follow the course. My highly dysfunctional family in Tempest has made it to Florida, but they seem to be lounging there due to unforeseeable circumstances. Then there is my soldier in A Walk In Darkness. The poor guy is in dire need of a re-write….for the third time. Somehow, I must find a way to piece it together.

Well, that is one of the joys of writing. You get to come up with really bad circumstances and play with fictional characters’ lives. You get to decide if they live or die, the scars that decorate their psyche are of your own design. Do they fall in love? That is your choice as well. I get giddy when I think up the lives of my characters. In many ways it is therapeutic for me, to create these individuals and then put them through their paces.

Ah well, it will be whatever it is going to be. You guys take care and I will catch up with you soon!

Freeman out!

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