Living for God is not for quitters…..stay on the potter’s wheel.

This week has been, um let’s call it troublesome. After a wonderful weekend of great church and prayer meeting on Monday night (plus Bible study) I thought the rest of the week would pass rather smoothly. Cue the chaos. Last night was not a good night, but I am still here. I may have had to fight tooth and nail to get to this point, but the Lord has strengthened me. God never promised us easy sailing, but He did say that He would never leave us nor forsake us.

As I started my morning, I took stock of all of the things that need to be fixed, and then I looked at my budget. Well, there goes any repairs that I need to make. I ate breakfast with my parents and then came back home. After feeding my dogs this morning, I decided to work in my shop. Two end tables that I own need to be repaired, so I pulled one down and got me a couple of sheets of sandpaper. As I started to sand the finish off of this table my mind drifted to a passage of Scripture in Jeremiah. The prophet Jeremiah had a vision of a potter’s wheel. Long story short, as long as you stay on the potter’s wheel, the more the Lord can mold you into a vessel that He can use.

I continued to sand the table and thought about my own life. Living for the Lord is not an endeavor that should be undertaken by a person who will quit at the first sign of trouble. Much like life, our spiritual walk with God will result in bruises and scrapes. We must maintain our focus and when we make a mistake, we must get back up and continue to follow the Lord. The more that I sanded the table, the more finish came off of the table. Sometimes, it would require a lot of elbow grease to get the finish off of the table top. It is the same with our lives. Some sin we have no trouble with, for example, murder, theft and rape. Most of us have no problem with not committing these sins. However, the little sin/weights are harder to relinquish our grip on. When the Lord gets the sandpaper out, sometimes it requires some hard scrubbing to get our lives in shape. It is not time to get off of the potter’s wheel. The end result will be more than we can hope for.

Our faithfulness will be rewarded. If we have any chance of getting to heaven, we must remain on the potter’s wheel. We must allow the Lord to complete the work that He has started in our lives.

You guys have a great day. Take care, and I will chat with you all soon.

Freeman out!

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