Me, me, me….

So, on top of nearly burning down my house, I open up the news and see that the Oscars were once again political, the Senate revealed they are okay with the murder of newborns, and the Democrats (and some Republicans ) still hate Trump.

Let’s talk about the Senate and their disdain for human life. They shot down a bill that would protect infants that are alive after a botched abortion. How humane is that (it’s not). Pardon me for a moment, has no one ever heard of a slippery slope? First, it was the passing of Roe vs. Wade. “Women have a choice to do what they want with their bodies!” Now it has become, they have the right to kill infants after they are born if the want to! No, you don’t you freaking animals. I apologize, calling you an animal is an insult to animals. No wildlife on this planet eat their young for no reason. Except for humans, the sanctioned murder of an infant is okay as long as it allows you to escape the consequences of your lack of morals or should we call it actions?

The Senate just showed their true colors, no big deal there right? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has hinted that having children should be stopped (once again using innocent children as bargaining chips). Think of the children! This simple sentence is the rallying cry for the abolishment of our rights as private citizens. If you don’t believe me, let’s take a look at what happens every time something bad happens. A mass shooting occurs, what steps are taken? 1) The media hypes it up to no end 2) The activist groups get riled up 3) The media and left start crying about the abolishment of the 2nd Amendment 4) They stomp and cry that if it would save one innocent life we should destroy the 2nd Amendment.

Long story short, the murder of innocent lives should not be okay just because you don’t feel that you are ready to be a parent. If you are okay with whoring yourself out, then you are ready to deal with the consequences. Every action has a consequence. If you don’t want to deal with the consequence of having a child- then take preventive measures or don’t have sex. If you feel that you are grown enough to have sex, the shut your mouth and deal with the consequences. That is all.

Freeman out.

P.S. As a Christian it is my position that you should not be having sex before marriage. Just my position on the matter. You guys take care.

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