Another waste of taxpayer money…..

I am tired. Another Congressional Committee has been formed so that Michael Cohen can testify under oath about President Trump’s alleged wrongdoing. This of course another attempt to overthrow the man’s presidency. How do I know this? Where is the proof? Well, first off Michael Cohen is every bit as credible as Blasey Ford. He is going to prison for….wait for it….lying to Congress. Somehow though, he is suddenly endowed with the truth and is willing to lay it out on the line so that the truth will be known.

Personally, I don’t care that Trump cheated on his wife with a porn-star. Bill Clinton has cheated on Hillary and continued to do so as the President of the United States. Again, I don’t care. If these women don’t have a problem with their husband’s infidelity, then it doesn’t bother me. This committee will do exactly what every other committee has done for the past 20-30 years-waste taxpayers money. Trump has done many good things as our current President. Yes, he has made mistakes but then again that is our humanity showing.

This committee will take a year or so to find nothing against Trump, but that will allow them to “find” more accusations to levy against him. Personally, I hope that someone makes him resign, then you will have to deal with Mike Pence as President. That would show you why it doesn’t pay to be stupid.

Freeman out.

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