Dumb and dumber…..

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is at it again. The lady refuses to take a back seat and learn her job. It seems that she is bent on learning via her public mistakes. Her Green New Deal was a disaster. Once people started picking through the document and referring to it as garbage, she got offended. Now she is back in the news claiming that people should probably not have any more children because…..the child’s life may be difficult due to climate change.

God forbid that life becomes difficult. I would hate to think that my difficulties have been for naught. These moments of difficulty creates resilient people. It is difficulties that reveals that you are stronger than you thought. It makes a weird kind of sense though that Ms. Cortez would bring up child bearing. The government wants to regulate everything else, why not regulate who gets to have children as well?

I know, it sounds like a large leap to jump to this conclusion. However, for some strange reason it makes sense. After her Green New Deal destroys our homes, infrastructure, kills off all of our food, and takes our cars, then I suppose she will pass laws to ensure the demise of our people.

I am disgusted that an elected official would be some dumb. Of course the masses would tell you that she is brave, and represents a bold, new world. If you remove the m from masses, you have the truth of the matter.

You guys take care and I will chat with you all later.

Freeman out.

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