Ungrateful people…..

This morning, I have read an article that states Spike Lee, the Oscar winning director, thinks that Christopher Columbus was a terrorist. He also thinks that we do not teach our children the “true” history of our country. So, I have done a little digging on this person to discover just how deep his hypocrisy runs.

First lets look at his net worth. According to celebrity net worth, he is worth 40 million dollars. As a celebrity he is near the bottom given the length of time that he has been famous. However, his real estate portfolio, is a different story. He lives in a 9,000 square foot townhouse in Manhattan, the richest part of the city no less and it is valued at 30-40 million. He also owns his own production company, aptly named “Forty Acres and a Mule”, it is housed in a three story building valued at 2-4 million dollars. He owns another piece of property at Martha’s Vineyard, off of the 18th hole of Farm Neck Golf Club and it is valued at 3-4 million dollars as well.

So, where does a guy that owns pristine real estate, and has court side seats to every Knicks game, get off crying about the whiteness of the Oscars? Yes, he cried that Hollywood has not discovered black people. The true history of America according to Lee, is that this is a nation of racist people who seek to enslave the entire world (I am paraphrasing). The gall of this man.

Spike Lee has been afforded every opportunity to be successful and he has taken advantage of it. He is worth millions, lives in the richest part of Manhattan, and still wants to act like he is bound in chains. Sometimes I wonder what is in the Kool-Aid that folks like Lee drinks.

I am done, you guys have a great day.

Freeman out.

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