Toxic masculinity…..

Toxic masculinity is a buzz word floating around in our society today. Recently, on Facebook, I came upon an explanation that attempted to explain what the term meant. I will paraphrase the explanation: It’s not anti-men to say toxic masculinity. It means that men do not have to be alpha males to be considered men. It’s okay for men to feel emotions and share their feelings. Excuse me while I puke.

Once upon a time, back when I was in college I read an article titled The Appeal of the Androgynous Male. It appeared in O magazine. In this fluff piece, the author (Amy Gross) lays out the perks of such a man. In her article, she goes on about how the androgynous male is superior to their barbaric, and Neanderthal brethren, the all-male.

The article states that the androgynous male is not into football or watching games on the weekend. They are philosophically sound, creative and more sensitive. Whereas, the all-male generally gets lost in the grocery store, lives off of beer and pretzels, and does not want a partner to grow old with (rather, they want a slave to wait on them hand and foot.) We all-males are dullards who can’t function without our basic programming.

I understand that the author of this article is only stating her opinion. She prefers men who are submissive, sensitive, creative and on equal terms with her. Cool. Whatever floats your boat. However, I am going to state my opinion on this and the explanation I found on Facebook.

Toxic masculinity is the catch phrase of feminists that deem that men are the enemy of women everywhere (unless you are Islamic). Modern feminist do not want men to be in charge of anything. Nor do they see men as an equal. They want men to be in submission to them. That is it in a nutshell. This weak explanation I found on Facebook shows what they want for the male species in today’s society. Emotionally driven men, who are overly sensitive, open to suggestion, and in touch with their feminine side, this is the future that modern feminists foresee for our sons.

As one of the males that Amy Gross slighted in her fluff piece, when I was married, I went to the grocery store, I did a lot of things that made me feel uncomfortable (such as buying tampons and pads). However, I never treated my ex-wife like she was less than nothing. Nor did I expect her to wait on me hand and foot. This blatant insult to men is just another step in the war on men.

Alpha males have always led the pack. It happens in nature, and it happens in humanity. The title of alpha does not fit every person. It isn’t supposed to. To declare that any male that exhibits strength is unnatural is destroying the foundation of manhood. The destruction of the Alpha Male goes hand in hand with the destruction of America. Weak men did not create America. Nor did they fight the Revolutionary War.

This country was founded by rough men, hell raising men, who had convictions and was willing to stand by them and die for them. No amount of whining, crying, bitching or complaining can wipe away the accomplishments of “all-men” as this piece of crap article would call them. There is room at the table for feelings, sensitivity and all of the other crap that these modern women seem to want. However, there must be room for the Alpha Males who feel a duty to protect, provide, and are willing to stand by their convictions when everything else is falling apart. That is all.

Freeman out.

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