Random musings about rain and reading…..

I am tired of rain. For the last week it has done nothing but pour water from the overburdened skies. Are these tears that God is shedding for us? Is he disappointed with what He created again? I don’t know, but I do know that I am tired of being cooped up in this house. It seems that I am going to be here until it stops, so I hope that it stops soon.

The roaring sound of thunder shook my cabin this morning. It is what woke me up this morning. Grumpy much? Last night the sound of pounding rain upon my roof put me to sleep. The crack and brilliant flash of lighting eased my mind enough to rest. Thankfully, I was able to shut down my mind. Of course, every time that lighting flashes, I wonder if a time traveler from Nazi Germany has arrived (see Dean Koontz’s novel Lighting).

As I grow older, it is easier to find ways to fall asleep. Reading is one way that I manage to doze off. The words seem to shift and blur, then I am off to bed. Or perhaps I put on a movie and within the first five minutes I am gasping for air. However, I am proud of myself this week, I have read two books. Yay me! I have signed up to participate in GoodReads book reading challenge this year. I agreed to attempt to read 35 books this year. So, two down and 33 left to read. Here is to hoping that I am up to the challenge.

Well, I am going to cut these random musings off for a bit. The rain has picked up and I need to check on my dogs. Y’all take it easy (Chunk and Roscoe say hello) and I will catch up with you guys in a bit!

Freeman out!

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