Musings about unity…..

As a former soldier, I have lived around the world. Texas, Germany, Colorado and twice in Iraq, I have seen how much can be accomplished by unified people. The military is a great example of this. Your race, ancestry and geographical background is not important. The military throws everyone in the same system and you learn to work together.

This mash-up of different races is a plus. Each group of people have different strengths and weaknesses. This understanding allows America to house the greatest military the world has ever seen. Black, white, Asian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, Native American, Indian, none of that matters (if I missed a group of people, I apologize). All that matters in the military is that you belong to your branch, and that brotherhood is your family.

Can you imagine if America would band together the way that my fellow soldiers and I did when I served in the military? There would be no limit to the success that we could achieve. Of course, there are those in power that know that Americans would not like what has been going on in our government, hence the need to keep us divided.

In keeping us divided, the government can control everything. While we are distracted by the success (or lack thereof) of each group, we can’t keep our eyes on them. Who watches the watchers (thanks Highlander)? Unity is the greatest fear of any government. If Nazi Germany had banded together, Hitler would have never been able commit the horrible atrocities he inflicted upon the Jewish people.

Martin Luther King was an advocate for unity. He was killed for it. Robert Kennedy is another example of a person martyred for the sake of unity. Even the Bible shows the power of unified individuals. The Tower of Babel serves as an example of what can be accomplished when people unify. Of course, the Bible also states that their tongues were confused, and they went their own way.

Of course, given that each one of us are human beings with our own dreams, desires, and flaws, we will never be able to achieve unity. Our human nature keeps us from being willing to work with those that are different from us. These differences should be a source of strength, but unfortunately, that rarely is the case. Most of the time, all we can do is focus on the differences. Fear causes us to lash out, to distrust those that appear different from us.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but so are prejudice and racism. The case of Jussie Smollett proves this point. Is it not racist to lie and say that two white men attacked you? Can you imagine the fallout if a white person had done this? The outcry from the media would be heard on the moon. This type of blatant disregard for his fellow man allowed him to be comfortable in lying about his attack.

Before someone takes offense to this blog, allow me to state that I would love to see us all come together, to fight for each other and to see beyond the skin of our fellow man. However, in the real world creating an society where we all love one another is just a fantasy. As long as there are different races, there will be people that will seek to exploit our differences.

Many people blame the elites of our society for causing the division. The top one percent sets the rules that we all must live by. However, this is not always the case. Sure the rich sets the rules, however, the poor and middle class do just as much damage to each other. If we unify with the rich, the poor and middle class attack each other, and vice versa.

It seems that regardless of what we attempt to do to correct the issue of non-unification, the more things go wrong. Racism, whether it is perpetrated by whichever race is wrong. Yes, black people can be racist. Anyone can be a racist, and this is a fact that our government overlords well understand. Thus, they play us against each other in their attempt to keep us in check.

Slavery may have been abolished here in America, but that doesn’t mean that people are not slaves still. Granted, we no longer have people in chains and shackles working in the cotton fields but that doesn’t mean that we are free. The chains that bind us are mental. We are slaves to debt, to our sense of entitlement, and to our own bias and prejudices. Our view is hindered by our self-imposed blinders.

As long as this rock continues to spin, the battle for equality among each race will continue to be at the forefront of issues that America has to deal with. Some people will never be satisfied with what has been accomplished in terms of race relations. There will always be those that shout about white privilege or black power. There will be those that push supremacy whether it is black, white or any other creed. In the end all we can do is stick together and work toward a better tomorrow.

I am going to cut it off here. It is my fondest wish that you guys have a wonderful evening. Take care and I will chat with you later.

Freeman out.

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