Sources of frustration and the ways to avoid it…..

Today, I was searching the internet for topics to write about on my blog. I could make a full time living writing about the political landscape here in America, but who wants to recount the idiocy that is American politics? One of the suggestions provided by the Bing search engine was sources of frustration. After all, who among us has never experienced frustration?

There are multiple types of frustration. Environmental, personal, conflicting, are some examples of frustration. Environmental frustration comes from our career, for example. The day to day operation of dealing with the crap from your career causes you to feel frustrated. Say you work in retail. You come in to work and all of your accounts have been closed. This would cause you to feel annoyed or angry. Therein, your environment has caused you to feel frustrated.

Personal frustration is simple enough to explain. We all suffer from personal frustration from time to time. As much as I like to say that I have zero expectations of people, I actually do. This leads me to be disappointed in individuals of whom I had said expectations. That further leads me to feeling frustration. If you are alive and kicking, you have certain expectations as well. Therefore, our source of personal frustration stems from these expectations.

Conflicting frustration can be described as frustration between you and your boss or fellow co-workers. This frustration stems from incompetence etc.

Regardless of which group of frustration that you deal with most often, we all feel frustrated from time to time. I would suggest that we lower the bar on our expectations, however, you can only lower them so far. Other ways to ease the pain of frustration is too take long walks, read a good book, write a blog, or go shopping. Anything that will divert your attention away from your frustration will work. Personally, I employ my dogs to keep me from being frustrated. When I feel frustration build up in my back and neck, I think about Chunk and Roscoe. If I am at home, I play with them and immediately I feel better. There is just something about unconditional love that makes us all feel better.

Well, that will do it for this blog. You guys take it easy and I will catch up with you all soon.

Freeman out.

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