Jihadi Bride, treason and the mainstream media!

The news has been overtaken by the sob story of this jihadi bride who fled Alabama, and then joined ISIS. Now, she wants to re-enter the United States because she has been traumatized. This is of course a true story. The adage I believe is that “truth is stranger than fiction.” President Trump and the Secretary of State have revoked her citizenship and denied her appeal to come home (the big meanies).

This may not strike anyone other than myself as a big deal. She is not the first person to betray her country and then try to weasel her way back in. Shamima Begum is a traitor to the United Kingdom and she is trying to get back to the UK. Most folks would assume that I have no compassion for these women. They would not be wrong, however, I feel compelled to share my reasoning.

Treason is defined as, “the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrowing one’s government.” By running to join a terrorist group, whose ideology revolves around the death and destruction of America she committed treason. Does anyone know what the penalty of treason is? The penalty is death. Benedict Arnold (you know the guy that betrayed America during the Revolutionary War) was hung for committing treason.

The media is having a field day with this story. Trump is a bully who should allow her to come back into our country. Look, she has an 18-month-old son. Let us shower them with emotion. Grow up already. If she is allowed back in, do you not think that she will be able to influence more citizens to join the ranks of ISIS? I know, this sounds like a conspiracy theory gone nuts. It’s not, you don’t allow your enemy to have free reign in your country. Also, you should not allow them to hold seats of power but then again Rashid Talib and Ilhan Omar have been elected to Congress.

How do these elected officials act with their new found power? Omar and Talib both have made anti-semitic remarks. The great racist himself, Louis Farrakhan has asked that Omar not apologize for her remarks. Then he launched into blaming the “satanic” Jews for hoarding all the power. Yet, no one seems to have a problem with Farrakhan’s hateful rhetoric. If this continues, and the Democrats do not denounce this type of hateful speech, can we assume that they agree with it?

Treason should not be rewarded. You don’t get to betray your country and then reap the benefits of living here. Trump made the right call and regardless of what the Main Stream Media has to say, Trump only did what was right for America.

Freeman out.

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