Off grid vs. Modern convenience…..a specific musing….

I am tired of the complicated, hurried lifestyle that I have been living. A retiree should not be rushed to a certain outcome. Nor should he be flogged incessantly for not conforming to an unrealistic standard. Surely, somewhere in the 86,400 seconds of today, there is time to accomplish all that we want to get done.

Living simply seems to be a burdensome chore. Resources are limited due to my disability. My paycheck is stretched as far as it will go. Thus, I must take stock of my current situation. Where can I liberate funds to cover more needs? My goal is to live a fulfilled life. The trick is to figure out how to get there.

I could grow my own food, however, that requires money for plants, fertilizer, and other nutrients. Then there is the labor aspect, you must water said plants, till the ground, pull the weeds and pray for rain. Fishing is another option. That requires a fishing license, rod and reel, fishing line, lures, bait, etc. Everything requires a financial base to be successful.

Raising cattle is another option. It requires buying livestock, feed, owning land, medical procedures for health issues, and more. Again, it boils down to money. Self-sufficiency comes with a price. The price consists more than money. There is the investment of your time. Being successful in the realm of self-sufficiency means that you must learn the skills necessary to be successful.

Living simply is not something that should be undertaken with little thought. Many people attempt to live off of the grid, but they end up right back where they started. This is due to a lack of planning. Most folks plan for the immediate future (next week, month, etc.). Few plan for the next decade. If the end goal is to move to some remote part of the planet, then you should be learning the skills necessary to survive there now.

Our biggest hindrance is our failure to see the big picture. Part of planning is to take an honest assessment of yourself. Can you survive without company? Do you have what it takes to be a mountain man? Can you get out of bed and go hunt in negative temperatures? These are questions that must be asked, and answered truthfully prior to you undertaking an “off grid” life.

Modern conveniences make life easy. Electricity, running water, cell phones, and the internet are examples of what people consider giving up to live off grid. It is difficult to cut ties with these because they in their own way simplify life. Never has it been easier to learn a new language than it is today via online classes. You can text someone a message via your cell phone and notice when it is delivered. This another consideration that must be thought out when considering to go “off grid.”

I live in the country. The nearest town is 10-15 minutes away, minor cities are about half an hour away. I live close enough to maintain internet, and far enough away that no one bothers me. Urinating off of my front porch is an option. Firing my weapons do not bring law enforcement to my door. My lifestyle is a combination of convenience and self-sufficiency. It suits me fine. This is also an option for those who do not want to live without the benefits of modern convenience.

At the end of the day, you must figure out what it is that you want for your own life. I am happy that my life is set up the way that it is. It is my fondest wish that you guys figure out what it is that you want for yours. Take care.

Freeman out.  

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