If I could have lunch with one person from history it would be…..

For the purpose of this blog, the individual must be secular (no offense meant Jesus). My choice would be Mark Twain. I would like to sit under a shady oak on the Mississippi River and chat with Mr. Twain. Given the masterpieces that he crafted in the literary world, I would like to pick his brain concerning his creative process. “Mr. Twain, when you wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, did you use any personal experience to provide your character’s voice?” In my mind’s eye, I can see him run his fingers through his bushy mustache. Placing the pipe between his lips he chuckles. “Of course my good man. How else do you make Tom come alive?”

It would be a great experience to pick the brain of an American legend. No doubt it would increase my writing ability just listening to the advice of such an individual. Twain’s contributions to American fiction is often lauded, but his impact on my life can’t be overlooked. I am sure that every boy dreams of running away and floating down the river. However, I grew up in Mississippi and did not live far from the Mississippi River. It was always my fantasy to ride the current and just wile the day away. This fantasy of course could explain my love of being on the river/lake.

My second question to Twain would be about character creation. “Mr. Twain, when you created the character Huck Finn, was he modeled after someone that you knew?” I imagine a mirthful smirk would cross his lips and a mischievous glint would show in his eyes. “Of course not my good man!” Mark Twain’s characters have surpassed the test of time. Even now, his characters live on in the hearts and minds of people spread out around the world. New readers are constantly being introduced into the world of Tom Sawyer, and Huck Finn.

I would simply conclude my visit with Mr. Twain with a firm handshake and a fond farewell. No doubt he would humbly say thank you for the support of his work, and we would amble down the dirt road. I would glance in the rear view mirror of my truck and watch as he mirthfully made his way back into the annuals of history. With a small turn and a hand raised to wave goodbye, Mr. Twain would vanish back into the past.

Freeman out!

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