I miss the America that I defended.

This morning, I came across a T-shirt worn by a grandmother that said, “Screw Trump, and if you like Trump screw you too!” It struck me as humorous. However it was the comments below it that disturbed me the most. One after another, people lashed out at Trump and people that did not agree with the T-shirt’s message. Someone asked if she wore the T-shirt in front of her grandchildren. Then they continued on saying that it would not be a good example for her grandkids. Oh the drama!

All of this hate bothers me. How did we get to the point where someone’s belief bothers us? How did we get to the place where agreement with the majority is the only thing that matters? Why can’t you be who you are, complete with your belief system, and everyone else be okay with that?

I miss the America that I believed in enough to defend her citizens against future terror attacks. America has always been a bright beacon of hope in a dark world. As time progresses we seem to be stuck on stupid for longer periods of time. Our society is lost. We have lost of our sense of goodness, our ability to know right from wrong. I am greatly disheartened to see my fellow citizens attack each other over a difference of opinion. There must be some way that we can right the ship. The Christian in me wants to yell from the rooftops that we need Jesus more now than we did years ago. We need prayer warriors to intercede on behalf of our country. However, the Bible records that things will get worse, before it ever gets any better. We must be able to stand when we have done all to stand. May God helps us in this dire time and God please bless my country to right the ship before we all sink.

Freeman out.

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