The Jussie Smollett case…..

I have been putting off writing about this case. Reasons abound as to why but here are a few: I don’t have all of the facts, the story seemed incomplete, it seemed to well rehearsed, etc. As much as I criticize the media for its obvious bias, I don’t want to follow in their footsteps. Given the speed that the Smollett case has unraveled, I figure now is a good time to discuss it.

Mr. Smollett has claimed that he was attacked by two white American males, wearing MAGA hats. They hurled racist insults, poured bleach on him, and assaulted him. They also put a rope around his neck. He claims to have fought back. The media in its quest to be first with breaking news pounced on this. An interview was conducted and he got the opportunity to tell his story on national television.

The Chicago police did their due vigilance, and followed the clues to two Nigerian brothers who now claim that they were paid 4,000 bucks to stage this attack on Smollett. Where did the money come from? Jussie Smollett himself coughed up the dough. The whole thing has been an act from the start. It now seems that Smollett is not a victim but rather the instigator of this completely blown out of proportion “hate crime.” Two presidential candidates jumped at his defense and compared it to a modern day lynching. Ooops.

The media of course is attempting to do damage control for their lack of journalistic integrity. However, there is a deep rooted issue at play here. The media and many individuals are okay with this lie as long as it smears the right people. No research should be done if it makes Trump supporters look like a bunch of murderous rednecks. Allen West, wrote an article titled, “Jussie Smollett and the MAGA Boogeymen.” In this article he quoted a Washington Post Editor who wrote an op-ed. I will paraphrase what she wrote. She needs this story to be true because if it isn’t then it is proof that the media is biased toward the left, and that there is an conspiracy on going to smear Trump and his supporters. I went to the Washington Post opinions page, and I can’t find said article. Therefore, there are only two possible options, one Mr. West is lying (I doubt it) or the WP removed it due to criticism.

This morning, I have read articles by the MSM stating that it was mostly celebrity news reporting the Smollett case wrong. CNN’s Brian Stelter is of course leading the charge to cover up his mis-reporting. It is laughable. Sad. Pathetic. Also, it is very damaging and telling of the lies that the MSM is willing to tell until caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

You guys take care and I will catch you later.

Freeman out.


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