A comparison of the media’s coverage of Trump and Obama…..

As a person that believes in the Constitution as it is written, it is easy to label me as a conservative and lump me in with the right center, right wing, and the fringe elements located on the right. I decided to do some research on the media’s coverage of Trump and compare it to how they treated President Obama. To start, I searched the top headlines of 2008 and 2012 for Obama and have only searched 2017 for Trump. Let’s see where it goes.

The headlines of 2008 seems to be dealing with Wall Street and the fraud discovered in their day to day operation. Few headlines seem to deal with President Obama directly. However, 2012 the headlines are about mass shootings and the President calling for stricter gun control laws. Also present are the election results, Obamacare, Benghazi, and how the unemployment rate dipped to a four year low (7.7%).

2016 saw the headlines aim toward the Flint, Michigan water crisis. Russia and the United States met concerning Syria. Justice Scalia passed away. Obama chose Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court. Police Officer was acquitted of all charges in Freddy Gray case.

In 2017, the headlines were about the new president, the Mueller investigation (Russian collusion), the #MeToo movement, and “the culture wars.”

I have gone back far enough to notice one major difference in how the media treats Trump compared to how they treated Obama. At no point did the media go after Obama’s family. Nor did they root for his impeachment. From 2008-16, they practically kissed his butt and was proud to serve as his personal mouthpiece. All of that changed in 2017.

Why the big change on how the President is treated in one year? President Obama was tight with the media. He wined and dined them. He schmoozed them and they loved him for it. The media hates Trump. Granted, he gives them plenty of reason to, but it is disgraceful how they have treated him. Obama was charismatic. Trump is a bull in a China shop. Obama’s administration had one scandal after another, and the media did no research on any of them. They withdrew any tough questions that may have potentially embarrassed him or his administration. The media goes all in on Trump.

It would not be nearly as noticeable if the media attempted to be fair or balanced in their coverage of Trump. However, the written press does not even attempt to post a headline even remotely accurate concerning this administration. Television headlines are horrendous. Taken today from ABC News, “Trump lashes out at “treasonous” officials.” Lashes out? You mean like an angry three-year-old?

Here are some more comparisons. The language used for President Obama was flowery and appeasing. When the launch of Obamacare failed, did the media smash his administration for the failure? No, they blamed it on the Canadians who developed it. When the Obama Administration targeted Fox reporter James Rosen, did the media decry the censorship? No, it was no big deal then. What about Benghazi? Nope, accountability was not a big issue when four Americans died in Libya.

Enter the Trump Administration. The language used to describe the Trump Administration has been nothing but hate filled rhetoric. Examples abound, so I will list just a few: Trump is Hitler, Trump is a Nazi, Trump is a racist, Trump is a xenophobe, Trump is a sexist, and more. Everyday, the media attempts to belittle, and destroy this president. Why? That is a question that has too many answers to narrow it down.

When the Obama Administration did wrong or was caught in potentially damaging scandals, the media covered for them. You don’t believe me? Here are some examples: Benghazi, giving money to Iran for their nuclear program, Operation Fast and Furious, and the Obamacare fiasco. At no point did the media attempt to cover these scandals in a balanced manner. Zero tough questions were asked about any of these issues. Instead, the policy of these “news” corporations were to gloss over the issue.

Let’s zip over to the media’s coverage of Trump. Since 2017, the headlines have been about the “failures” of Trump. Then there is the nothing burger concerning Russian collusion. How much has this little ghost hunt cost? A little over five million dollars has been spent to uncover zero wrong doing by the Trump Administration according to Newsweek (that was in December 2017). At every junction, the media attempts to show his failures, to color him as incompetent and unfit to continue as our national leader.

Let’s look at some of Obama’s accomplishments as a two-term President. According to the Washington Monthly Magazine, President Obama rescued the economy, led the reform of Wall Street, led the reform of Healthcare, negotiated a deal to block a nuclear Iran, and killed Osama bin Laden. I will play devil’s advocate for a moment. If he led the reform of healthcare, why is the system still such a Charlie Foxtrot? He may have given the order to kill Osama bin Laden, but he didn’t pull the trigger. This deal to block a nuclear Iran, I am assuming that it was before they gave 150 billion dollars to Iran for said nuclear program. Yet, at everyone of these “accomplishments” the media just white-walled the scandals and continued to praise him.

However, when Trump actually keeps a campaign promise, the media does everything it can to paint it into a negative. I believe that Trump could find the cure for AIDS and cancer, and the media would say that he was removing their choice to die from these horrible diseases. Trump touts American pride and the media calls him a White Supremacist. He espouses taking care of our own citizens and they label him a xenophobe. Could we just stop already? The man has dated a black woman and married an immigrant for God’s sake. He is the poster child for acceptance.

In the end, it will not matter. We no longer have accountability of the media, nor the politicians that they suck up to. It is going to be what it will be. It is too late to stop it, and we can only run it out regardless of wherever it may go.

I am going to shut it down for now. You guys take it easy.

Freeman out.






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