Apparently, I suck at taking care of myself. Oft times I can be found verbally snapping at myself for no reason. Out of the blue, I insult myself and will talk down to myself like I am retarded. Then when I am done with this horrendous act of self-mutilation, I invoke long periods of silence to punish myself for said verbal assault. Then in moments of sheer frustration, I raise my voice and start the second verse of my destruction. No wonder my self-esteem is in the gutter.

Excuse me for a moment. The above paragraph is just a bit of comedic writing to help me focus. This blog though is about self care. Life has a way of pounding us against the rocks. Our list of things that must be accomplished grows larger every day. Sometimes it seems that we are drowning beneath the waves, that is when we must ensure that we take care of ourselves. See, people have no problem with adding to your already heavy workload. They mindlessly cram more and more crap for you to deal with onto your over burdened shoulders. God forbid that you take a minute to reset. Periods of readjustment are an absolute necessity to achieving a healthy life.

Stress, exhaustion, and a lack of self care places us precariously on the edge of insanity. All it takes is one more action to knock us off of the edge into the gaping maw of madness. Self care is vital to your well being. Ignoring the signs that you need to make adjustments is a sure way to find yourself on the edge. The mind is affected by a lack of sleep. Your performance at your job is also impacted. Burning the candle at both ends is a good way to find yourself in a coffin before it is your slotted appointment time with the Reaper.

I do understand. Life happens to us all. However, the signs are placed in front of us so that we can recognize when we are over-doing it. Heedlessly, we race through life, not caring that we are at max capacity and steadily taking on more crap to accomplish. If we don’t take care of ourselves, who will step in to do it for us? The answer is really simple….nobody. Given this answer, we must force ourselves to slow down. Every minute of every hour of every day does not have to be accounted for. There is time for you to reset or to re-adjust to the hectic pace of “I must have it now!”

Failure to take care of yourselves has disastrous results in your life. Death has already been mentioned, but there are other serious consequences that may happen. Heart problems can result due to high stress and a lack of self care. Not to mention respiratory problems and numerous other health issues. Relationships can collapse due to negligence. You start to feel that no one cares about you or that you are not important to others. You strike out at people who only want the best for you. When you are exhausted, you don’t recognize the harm that you cause with your actions. You don’t see how you act, only how others respond.

Well, I am going to close it down now. You guys take care of yourselves and remember that no one understands you or your needs better than yourself. Reach for the stars and God bless you all.

Freeman out.

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