Morning quiet…..

The quiet morning brings comfort. Silence is beautiful as the day breaks, the lonely call of the sparrow breaks the quiet morning. As I sit here, I wonder to myself if he has lost the one that he loves? Is that lilt of his call a cry for a second chance? Silence engulfs the morning again. It is early here in North Mississippi. Traffic is non-existent. Chunk is lying on the porch, lazily looking out to where the sparrow has made his searching call.

My personal silence is broken by the peculating of the coffee that I hope will soothe the pain in my soul. Black fluid ekes out of the machine, and I await my moment of caffeine induced joy. The silence engulfs my being and once again I am lost in the comfortable darkness.

The quiet brings time for soul searching which will lead to soul cleansing. Amidst the anguish of human folly, the redemptive power of silence can bring all things full circle.

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